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How SMART PORTAL Helps Accounting Firms Process Clients' Documents

SMART PORTAL simplifies and streamlines the way accounting firms manage their clients' e-Invoices.

The portal offers a range of smart and intuitive functionalities, developed through close dialogue with current users of our Intelligent Document Processing platform, Apollo. This way, SMART PORTAL is perfectly aligned with the requirements and challenges of the current market.

Here are some of the key features of SMART PORTAL that make the process of managing e-Invoices easier and simpler:

1) Centralised Management. From the main console, users can manage sets of issued and received e-Invoices for an unlimited number of companies, each with their own login tokens and separate archives.

2) Client Autonomy & Empowerment. After entering their digital token in the configuration interface, clients connect their SMART PORTAL account directly to the SPV, where received and issued e-Invoices will automatically download regularly. Then, with the help of a verification & approval workflow, the client:

  • views the e-Invoice in PDF format,
  • analyses the invoice content,
  • ensures the document's accuracy,
  • approves and forwards to accounting,
  • or rejects it if errors are noticed.

Since the client decides which documents are to be recorded in accounting, not the ERP, the risk of error for the accounting firm processing documents on behalf of their clients is thus eliminated.

3) Enhanced Security. All e-Invoices are stored in cloud, not locally, eliminating the risk of loss or accidental deletion after 60 days. Thus, supporting documents are always at hand, complete and secure, without the need to print, file, staple, or punch.

4) Efficient Organization. SMART PORTAL offers not only clarity and structure in document organization, but also quick access, through:

  • automatic renaming of all e-Invoices following a standard format: "date_supplier/client_name_invoice number"
  • organising e-Invoices in 3 separate folders - "Issued", "Received", and "Others" for Intelligent Archiving.

5) Advanced Search. The Search function, which allows filtering by Date, Supplier, or Document Number, ensures quick and efficient identification of each client's e-Invoices.

6) Flexibility. With Multiuser/Multirole functionalities, administrators can allocate different roles and access rights for employees, ensuring that each has access only to the documents relevant to their activity.


For accounting firms, SMART PORTAL is the ideal solution to efficiently, quickly, and securely manage a large volume of documents for an unlimited number of clients, using a single platform.

In conclusion, SMART PORTAL is a trusted partner for financial and accounting specialists. With the technology we've developed at Smart Touch Technologies, accountants and accounting firms can simplify their processes, serve a greater number of clients with less effort or resources, thus increased efficiency and overall offering improved quality services.

Efficiency, flexibility, and security are the keywords that define our SMART PORTAL experience. Want us to show you how it works? Fill out the form here and we'll contact you in no time.