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the Intelligent Document Processing platform that serves ALL departments.

It all started with a personal pain point that we quickly came to realize was, in fact, a market pain point: documents used as data carriers are costly bottlenecks!

Now, companies and organizations exchange data by sending or receiving documents via email or other channels.

Company A issues various documents based on their data (orders, invoices, receipts, shipment bills etc) & sends them out to other companies it works w/. The receiving companies, such as B, need to internally process the incoming documents and then transfer the data from within into their own systems. The same thing happens w/ organizations C, D, E, X, Y, Z, which are A’s clients, suppliers or even employees. Like this:


Intelligent Document Processing w/ a Smart Touch

An AI powered, self-serving, no code, user customizable platform that intelligently processes multiple flows of various documents, Apollo will automatically extract, process, validate & exchange data between multiple organizations and their systems.

By fully understanding the text in any type of document, processing, transforming into data & transferring it to any third-party application, Apollo automates the document-centric business processes, thus revolutionising the way companies & organizations extract, process, validate & exchange data.


Benefits of using Apollo


Digital Transformation

Apollo digitizes document-based processes.


Cost Savings

The staff will only addresses exceptions, not all document load, thus minimising errors & rework. 


Business Growth

The organisation will process more transactions w/ less resources, higher accuracy & a faster pace.


Ease of Adoption

Apollo integrates seamlessly within the current document processing routines & various existing enterprise systems.


Up to 99% Accuracy

The more data Apollo processes, the more & better it learns and understands, being able of reaching up to 99% accuracy, once its algorithm has been trained.


Higher Employee Retention

Apollo frees employees from repetitive, manual, physical tasks & allows them to bring higher value, making employees feel they have a real impact on the organisation.

A company’s outcome when using Apollo can be seen both on a short and on a long term:

  • transactions will happen instantly and w/ up to 99% accuracy, as Apollo learns the types of documents.
  • processing load will be much lower, therefore cheaper.
  • more business will be done w/ less resources, therefore w/ increased productivity, effectiveness & efficiency.
  • people will have a greater and more valuable role, allowing them to unlock & augment their potential.

Apollo is both user friendly and business partners friendly. If you have a business system you want to integrate w/ Apollo, get in smart touch w/ us.

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