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the platform that simplifies collecting, verifying, and uploading documents to be intelligently processed by Apollo.

SMART PORTAL is a document gateway, serving as an entry point for the documents of companies using Apollo, our IDP platform.

Here, your suppliers and partners upload documents such as invoices, which they used to send through various channels (by mail, email, drives etc). These are then verified & approved according to the rules and workflows you have established.

SMART PORTAL increases companies' efficiency and productivity by simplifying the process of collecting, verifying, and uploading documents to be intelligently processed by Apollo.

You stay in full control of the uploaded documents and the rules they must adhere to before being intelligently processed by Apollo, as well as have a complete, real-time overview of all uploaded documents & their processing status.

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sending & receiving documents from suppliers.

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High Efficiency & Productivity

by reducing time and effort required for collecting, verifying, and uploading documents into the IDP platform.

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Eliminates Errors

due to preliminary checks, validation rules, and additional verifications where necessary.

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Real Time View

on documents and their processing status. 

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Unlimited Volume

of documents from an unlimited number of suppliers with various processing needs, allowing you to quickly scale-up your business.

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Always Informed

about the uploaded documents and actions taken in the platform thanks to in-app & email notifications.

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1. Add partners, a feature that allows you to invite your suppliers & business partners to activate their Partner accounts in the portal. You provide a few pieces of information about the supplier (email, VAT number, department), then select the workspace in Apollo where you want them to upload their documents. Immediately, the Partner will receive an email with a link to create their account and set a unique password.

2. View Partner accounts' status. They can each be Active, Inactive, or Pending, if the Partner has not yet activated their account.

3. Modify or Delete Partner accounts.

4. View documents uploaded by Partners.

5. View the status of documents uploaded by Partners. These can be:

  • Uploaded. The document has been uploaded to the portal.
  • In Processing. The document has been uploaded and sent for processing.
  • Requesting Details. The uploaded document requires additional clarification, as requested by the Apollo platform, following Intelligent Document
  • Replace Document. The uploaded document needs to be replaced, as requested by a human operator, following discrepancies detected by Apollo during intelligent processing.
  • Processed. The document has been intelligently processed by Apollo and requires no further action from the Client.

6. Add comments to documents in the Requesting Details status, asking for additional information from the Partner based on specific needs or internal procedures.

7. Access reports on the number of uploaded documents:

  • by partner and in total,
  • allocated to each of the 5 statuses and in total.
8. Notifications keeps both you & your suppliers informed. In the portal's first version, launched in September 2023, you and your Partner will be notified in-app and via email when:

  • a document is uploaded, modified, or deleted,
  • a comment is added to a document,
  • a document needs to be replaced or is missing.

In the upcoming version, weekly and/or monthly notifications and reports will be available.

9. Data security and Confidentiality for the documents uploaded to the portal are guaranteed through our rigorous cybersecurity measures.

SMART PORTAL's development, much like Apollo's, was carried out with a primary focus on the privacy by design principle. We comply with legal provisions outlined in EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and other relevant regulations in the field of personal data protection.

All data stored in SMART PORTAL is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard AES-256. We utilize a common cryptographic library called Tink, which includes our validated FIPS 140-2 module, known as BoringCrypto, to consistently implement encryption in the cloud components of SMART PORTAL. Each document is assigned a unique identifier. Access restrictions help prevent unauthorized data access, bolstering the security and confidentiality of processed data within the portal.

Furthermore, we are ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management System.

The Partner Account allows your supplier to:

  • upload documents. They can upload a single document, multiple documents, or an entire folder into the portal.
  • respond to the comments you added on a document.
  • modify or replace the documents that you have rejected because they did not comply with the validation rules set.

SMART PORTAL is available only for clients using Apollo, our Intelligent Document Processing platform. To activate this service, please contact your Account Manager.