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Technology changes the ways business ecosystems evolve

Decebal Popescu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Smart Touch Technologies, joined Bogdan Alecu for Ziarul Financiar’s Invest in Romania, and spoke about how technology changes the ways business ecosystems evolve.

"Documents are how companies transfer information - invoices, contracts, consignment notes, roadmaps, etc. and there is no limit to the types of documents in a company. But the efforts to process a document are very high and bi-directional, as it requires processing both on sending and receiving plus the necessary manual tasks.

But once the pandemic begun, when it became clear that people will not return to office soon, document processing could no longer be done manually, as employees were at home.

This is where we came in and started to build an ecosystem where companies can communicate directly with each other, without the use of physical documents. We work with companies that process a high level of documents such as retailers, law firms, trade, distribution, accounting firms.”

Watch the entire interview below and find out more about the most complex data capturing, processing & exchanging platform in Intelligent Document Processing – Apollo.


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