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November Enhancements for Apollo & SMART PORTAL

As fall comes to an end, get ready for some cool improvements! We've made warnings better and added smart document recognition. Let's explore these changes that will make processing documents way easier.


Apollo's New or Improved Features


  1. Alerts for Active Tasks. Now, when attempting to deactivate a workflow with active tasks on a document, users receive a prompt. This ensures a smoother workflow by preventing accidental disruptions and loss of active task data.
  1. Effortless Error Corrections. Discovering errors post-processing is no longer a headache. Users can now reprocess documents with identified errors, retaining their corrections without the need for re-uploading and re-correction.
  1. Case-Insensitive Duplicate Recognition. Apollo becomes even more versatile with improved duplicate recognition. It now identifies duplicates regardless of whether they are written in uppercase or lowercase, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. 
  1. Welcome, Crop Document Function. Streamline the processing of receipts scanned in a single image with the new Crop Document function. Users can crop and process each document individually, maintaining the original document for reference. 
  1. NextUp Export for Receipts. Exporting receipts gets a boost with the addition of NextUp format compatibility. This ensures seamless integration with your preferred systems.
  1. Visible Nomenclatures. Gain clarity with visible nomenclatures for Saga, WinMentor Classic, WinMentor Enterprise, and NextUp. Their updates are performed using the file already composed by Apollo to keep thePredictor learning.


SMART PORTAL Enhancements


  1. User-Enhanced Archives. Users can now add documents on behalf of forgetful suppliers, ensuring a comprehensive electronic archive. No more missing documents in your records. 
  1. Correlated Document Downloads. Download documents or folders for efficient archiving, with SMART PORTAL now correlating invoices with supporting documents. Keep your records organized effortlessly.
  1. Visibility of Apollo’s Actions. Actions performed in Apollo, such as Split, Crop, or Merge, are now visible in SMART PORTAL. This ensures transparency and a seamless transition between the two platforms. For example, if a PDF with 10 documents is uploaded, after the SPLIT operation, all 10 documents, each with its corresponding status, will be visible in the portal.
  1. Multilingual Support. SMART PORTAL is now available in English, broadening its accessibility and usability for a diverse user base. 
  1. Enhanced Security Measures. Improve security with the introduction of strong and complex passwords, safeguarding your sensitive information.
  1. Improved Duplicate Document Warnings. Receive warnings for duplicate documents directly in Apollo, preventing complications when multiple documents share the same name.
  1. Custom Filters on the Dashboard. Tailor your dashboard view with custom filters, providing a comprehensive overview of all documents or partners. Effortlessly manage your document repository.


November's upgrades in Apollo and SMART PORTAL bring a bunch of improvements that make things smoother, boost efficiency, and cut down on errors. Say goodbye to autumn and welcome these changes to make your workflow super productive.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and don't hesitate to schedule a DEMO to explore first-hand how Apollo and SMART PORTAL can revolutionise your document processing journey.