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Intelligent Document Processing w/ a Smart Touch

By fully understanding the text in any type of document, intelligently processing & transferring it to any 3rd party software, Apollo automates the document-centric business processes.

What Apollo can do for you & your business


collects documents in different formats, such as pdf, png, docx, jpg or any other, from various sources, like email, ERP, browser, Google Drive etc, even if they are handwritten.


understands the documents, even if they are not standardised or easy to ready by human eyes.


matches everything, but can also ask for human approval if something needs to be double checked or unlocked - Human in the Loop.


exchanges data with your company’s clients, suppliers or other business partners, no matter their internal business management system.

Featured in Press

Meet Apollo: the Intelligent Document Processing platform that serves all departments

Let’s see how Apollo automagically helps people once its algorithm has been trained.

Happy since using Apollo


Innovation in Supply Chain Prize Winner

awarded at the Gala Tranzit Logistică 2023 event by the expert jury composed of 10 prominent industry specialists, who appreciated Apollo’s high degree of innovation, usefulness and applicability in transport & logistics.
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Apollo proved to be a solution that helps us speed up the digitisation of document processing, allowing our team to focus more on higher value tasks. We are happy to have discovered Apollo!
Indeed, Apollo makes us happy! In real time and with great accuracy, Apollo extracts data from our invoices and transport documents, processes and transfers it to our ERP systems. Our decisions are based on faster and much better data insights.
Smart Management Invest SRL
National fuel distributor, 150M EUR annual turnover
Apollo solved one of our long-time challenges: clients’ real-time, flexible access to data contained in their stored documents. They now have multiple search and filtering options, as well as the possibility to extract data from within the documents, all thanks to Apollo’s AI features. We call it archiving w/ a Smart Touch.
Global Archive Management SRL
Complete archiving services, 3M EUR annual turnover
Apollo, our new smart colleague, took on the manually, repetitive task of document processing, allowing us to focus on business development and customer satisfaction growth. For us, this translates into time, money and the opportunity to bring more value to our company.
Vectra Eurolift Service SRL
Wholesale of industrial machinery and equipment, 16M EUR annual turnover

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SD-ETTI 2023 is providing PhD students working in all areas of electronics, telecommunications, and information technology with a unique opportunity to share their mature or ongoing research work and ideas and get suggestions and feedback from renowned and experienced researchers in the field.